Jokes improved online sales for 38.5% within a year


About project

Period: November 2016 – January 2018

Client: Creative Shop – Biromarket 024

Subject: Digital Content Strategy Development

Creative products and quality production have to be foundation of every promotion strategy, but they are not enough for differentiation on crowded markets.

Creative Shop needed to really become creative. Therefore, true challenge was to create a special marketing communication style, attractive to primary audience, with the final aim to push online sales.


Do you know the feeling when you need to go to a birthday party but you don’t know what to buy for a present? You desperately search the Internet for something cool, funny, and useful in the same time. It would be perfect if you could buy it online. Creative Shop is the place you need. It’s a web shop where you can find or create a T-shirt, sweatshirt, underwear or other product with some unusual prints.

So many cool stuff was already there, but still they were only a local store. Website was just a kind of support for physical sale on the local market.

Solutions existed for 7 years when we started cooperation with them. It evolved through time, but still it wasn’t a national brand. We started from brand analysis and it showed us that Creative Shop is almost unknown on Serbian market out of small local market where they have a physical shop. It was obvious that we need to widen their influence and reach people from all over the country.

Another thing we concluded was that Creative Shop doesn’t have a brand personality. Target group was too wide, so we narrowed it and defined it as a primary target group – young people from 18 to 30 years from urban surroundings. Considering Creative Shop-s offer, we defined the main characteristic of this target group as “they love to make fun“.

Next step was to create a communication style which contained a special language for promotional messages and visual style. So, jokes became reality in a form of rhymes and comic book style visuals.

Monthly promotional plans were based on these parameters combined with exact statistics from social media accounts and Google Analytics. Step by step we’ve created more focused promotional campaigns promoting exact products with exact prints through Facebook, Instagram, and Google AdWords.


Within 12 months many changes have happened. New communication style attracted new customers from all over the country. Creative Shop started to be recognized as a cool online place for buying funny presents. Excellent service, on-time delivery, and quality products helped them to become attractive for many online re-sellers.

But the most important data are these:

  • Total online sales raised for 38,5% within a year
  • E-commerce conversion rate raised for 15,38%
  • Number of transactions raised for 24,81% 
  • The average order value raised for 10,96%

Who could possibly imagine that jokes have this kind of power on online sales?

Raise of online sales
Raise of E-commerce coversion rate
Raise of transactions number
Raise of awerage order value


First, you need to know who is your primary target audience. Next, you need to understand their behavior. Finally, you have to create a special communication style to reach them.

But, this is only the beginning. Online marketing communication is fast and continuously changes. Therefore, your Digital Marketing Strategy has to be harmonized with changes considering your target market. Otherwise your promotion won’t be attractive to your potential consumers.