Blogger‘s recommendations were crucial for brand image


About project

Period: August 2016 – August 2017

Client: Kozmetika i parfemi

Subject: Brand strenghtening with influencers’ help

What can you do if you brand is new or unknown on certain market? Beside other marketing tools, you should use help of Marketing Influencers.

This is a story about difference between two attitudes about same brand:

“What is this? I never heard about this brand.” and “I know this brand. Everybody use these products.”


Ingrid”, a Polish make-up brand is present in Serbia thanks to K&P company. These products were already present on this market for several years when we started cooperation with K&P. They’ve had a web shop and regularly promoted “Ingrid” products on Facebook and Google AdWords.

Still, this make-up was almost completely unknown on target market, and it was difficult to sell it. Sales representatives have had huge problems to explain the quality of “Ingrid” products, because consumers never heard about this brand.


Large, well-known brands have big promotional budgets to promote themselves where-ever is useful. That way they become more recognizable. Smaller brands are not so lucky, so they need some guerrilla marketing tactics to step out of the circle of unknown.

The power of word-of-mouth promotion is enormous, so we needed appropriate Marketing Influencers to say a “few nice words” about “Ingrid” products. Our first task was to make a research among tens of cosmetics bloggers, vloggers, and other authors/experts to select those who fit into our client’s company culture.

We’ve made a list starting from the most influential ones, but those were too expensive for our client, so we had to move to the middle of our list. Finally, we concluded some deals with several young ladies. Some of them wrote articles, some made video, but all recommended “Ingrid” cosmetics as a “surprisingly quality and affordable make-up in the same time”. We’ve shared these stories on K&P’s social media accounts, and advertised them additionally.


We couldn’t persuade any of these Marketing Influencers to recommend “Ingrid” make-up, but we believed in their quality and it paid off.

Within first 6 months total online sales raised for 150.3%. Wholesale raised for tens of percents, and all this was a direct effect of bloggers’ and vloggers’ positive recommendations. Effects on “Ingrid” brand image and popularity are enormous.

Now sales representatives have a lot easier job than before. Almost everyone knows about “Ingrid” make-up. The best of all is that now consumers ask for it.

Raise of online sales in 6 months


For thousands of years word-of-mouth is the most powerful promotion. If someone you know and trust, tells something good about product or service, you will be more willing to consider buying it. Therefore, it’s not a question should you use Influencers Marketing as a part of your promotion. The question is how to select suitable ones and establish right cooperation with them.