Website Improvement generated 57% more leads

“For more than 20 years, our business focus was on large companies. But, after launching our new website, we got tens of new buyers among small companies within one year. GR8SOME opened us a complete new niche of buyers.”

Branislav Šipoš, CEO – Candy Subotica


About project

Period: May – June 2016

Client: Candy Subotica

Subject: Website Improvement

What should you do when things go well? Improve! Improve! Improve!

Candy Subotica’s case is really a sweet story about small marketing and promotional improvement which moved the whole business forward.


Candy Subotica from Serbia is kind of a small company everybody would like to own. They produce cocoa powder for different products and industries. They established respectable market position after 20 years combining hard work and huge amount of love.

Most of major confectionery producers in Serbia and the Balkan region know about them and they’ve already buying from them. They’ve had some smaller buyers, too. But, their dream was to enter the Russian market.


Sometimes companies forget how important websites are for their business. Candy Subotica had realized their website didn’t represent them in a way they really are – specialized, well-organized, small, friendly company who’s most precious resource are their employees. Finally, they decided to improve their existing website with help of GR8SOME team.

Based on our thorough analysis and new digital marketing strategy definition, we created a complete new look and feel of their website.

Our goal was to tell their story in pictures with less words and more passion. Each type of cocoa powder has got a separate page where we emphasized its characteristics both visually and textually. It’s almost you can smell cocoa on every page.

We wrote clear sentences to tell only what is important to Candy Subotica‘s possible clients. Simple contact form has been added to Home page to stimulate easier first contact with potential clients.


In the first two weeks after launching the improved website, Candy Subotica received sincere compliments of their largest suppliers and buyers. Redesigned and reorganized website significantly pushed forward Candy Subotica’s image. General impressions where very positive. But, the most important comment they received from a Russian company together with a long-term cooperation contract. That was the moment of celebration.

Nevertheless, the following year became very interesting. During twelve months, Candy Subotica received hundreds of emails from confectionery and cosmetics factories not only from the Balkan region, but from whole Europe and Russia. Some of them become their regular customers.

Compared with previous years, Candy Subotica had 57% more leads than before and 23% more signed contracts with new buyers.

This trend of lead generation is ongoing process because Candy Subotica still receives at least one new request for offer (RFO) in two-tree weeks.

More leads
More signed contracts


Don’t underestimate the power of your website! Always improve it.

Even if you have more leads generated from other sales channels, it’s because your clients visited your website and convinced you are a reliable business partner.

Candy Subotica have made a good decision. Now, they are rewarded for their vision.