Instagram became more influential than Facebook within 6 months


About project

Period: April – September 2017

Client: Creative Shop – Biromarket 024

Subject: Social Media Management

Which social media to use for promotion? Those your primary target audience uses.

Creative Shop have used Facebook for years, but Millenials and Generation Z in 2017 used Instagram more than Facebook.


Some sources claim that “71% of US consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others”. Creative Shop didn’t use Instagram at all until spring 2017. Only Facebook.


Primary target audience of Creative Shop are young people between 18 and 30 years. They are on Instagram, so it was inevitable to start using this social media, too.

Following the rule of quick answering, we noticed that Instagram followers have more freedom to ask or comment than Facebook fans. We’ve learned a lot from them. Continuous posting, clear messages, and short answering time were basics for Creative Shop’s Instagram activities. Advertising on Instagram helped us to reach more people.


Every beginning is hard. It’s a kind of frustrating when you see only 2-3 posts on Instagram account, but day-to-day posting slowly filled that empty space. After 6 months, Instagram become truly a respectable promotional channel for Creative Shop. 4,98% of total monthly online sales have been realized directly through Instagram.

Google Analytics showed that Facebook brought 36,92% of total website visits through social media, and Instagram brought 62,89%. 65% of total online sales realized through social media was made through Instagram. Facebook made 35%.

These metrics are only about direct influence of social media on online sales, website visits, etc. Indirect influence on brand image is huge, but it’s not easy to calculate it.

Online sales throught Instagram
Website visits through Instagram


Social media like Instagram can be described like “it is for fun”. But remember, Facebook have been in that position in the beginning, too.

It’s always useful to put yourselves “in a shoes” of your target audience. Imagine how they behave, what they usually do, what they watch, listen, who they respect, etc. Those are right directions for your promotion.