Google AdWords campaign optimization dropped down defined budget for 84%


About project

Period: August 2016 – August 2017

Client: Kozmetika i parfemi

Subject: Online Advertising

Can you name several keywords or key phrases that uniquely distinguishes your business on the Internet?

Don’t worry if NOT. This difficult question can be answered only after a period of continuous online advertising.


Using Google AdWords today is not just recommended, but necessary for every business. Our client K&P have been using Google AdWords for several years before we started our cooperation. But they expected more from this powerful media/platform.


Google AdWords is just one of many services under Google platform that can be used to improve online promotion. Make-up market even in Serbia is huge and very crowded, so we had to find out appropriate key words and key phrases for K&P to distinguish them from their competitors. Some key phrases were unique (e.g. “kozmetika i parfemi”), but we also needed to use some common phrases for this type of products (e.g. “make up, liquid foundation, etc.”).

Next step was to create micro campaigns, set them, and measure the effects. From month to month we kept eye on each campaign and keyword, monitoring how much they contribute to online sales. Online advertising requires continuous adjustments, therefore we’ve tested keywords and selected those who made the best results.


At the beginning, we defined a monthly budget for Google AdWords together with the client and agreed to keep that level of budget for several months. From campaign to campaign small adjustments were made with the aim to optimize the defined budget.

Results after a year were incredible – drop down of monthly budget for 84%. In other words, in the 12th month we used only 16% of previously set monthly budget for Google AdWords to achieve the same goals of online advertising as at the beginning. The rest of defined budget has been free to be used for achieving other marketing or business goals. Also, e-commerce revenue made directly through AdWords has rised for 423,52% from August 2016 to August 2017.

This example shows when you are ready to invest in Online Advertising, there is a good chance you will save some budge. All because of optimization.

Drop down of online advertising budget
Rise of revenue through AdWords


You need to advertise your products or services, but it doesn’t necessarily means you have to spend more money.

Optimization of Google AdWords campaigns considers focus on right keywords and key phrases and continuity.