How do you position your company in front of targeted audience of ideal clients?

You attract them.


  • Buy ad space and hope the right people click on it
  • Attend networking events and hope someone sees you
  • Cold call a list and hope you don’t piss someone off
  • Hire overpaid sales stuff and hope they can perform
  • Rely on word of mouth and wait…and wait…and wait


  • Target the exact users who want to engage with you
  • Organically increase your visibility and brand awareness
  • Nurture leads through smart automation and lead scoring
  • Simplify the handoff from marketing to sales
  • Manage you entire marketing strategy from a single platform
  • Track and analyze every component of your marketing

When you turn your marketing strategy towards solving the problems your prospects have, as well as promoting content that appeals to them, you begin to attract a specific niche and qualified group of people.


Inbound is a strategic mix of customer research, website optimization, social media, and email automation, lead generation and nurturing, and sales funnel development.

How Inbound Marketing works?

Attract vistors

Attract visitors

Attract visitors by focusing on generating and sharing content targeted towards your ideal customers and their interests.

Convert leads

Convert leads

Convert leads by exchanging premium content with your visitors for their contact information.

Close leads

Close leads

Close leads into customers by using workflows and scoring to nurture and move them through your funnel.

icon - delight customers

Delight customers

Delight customers by continuing to meet their needs to tranform them into best advocates of you organization.

When is Inbound Marketing needed?

Want a website that really works for you?

Give fantastic experience to visitors of your website. Companies that use Inbound Marketing, on average, earn up to:

  • 300% increase in customers
  • 250% increase of leads
  • 570% increase in visits

Fight with a bunch of complex software?

Simplify everything using only one platform. Inbound Marketing helps you attract more visits, manage content, generate and nurture potential customers, improve customer relationships, and improve sales processes.

Want more email clicks?

Improve the rate of email opening using HubSpot email tools. Templates, email list segmentation, and personalization to “the smallest perversions” help you create high targeted campaigns.

Want better conversion rates?

Using the HubSpot tool to generate and nurture potential customers, you get the ones that are the best for your business. Users easily navigate through a strategically pre-defined trip using calls-to-action, automated workflows, and other contact elements.

Many operational, manual jobs takes you a lot of time?

HubSpot gives you the ability to automate all Inbound Marketing activities. And all in one place – on one platform. Bye bye manual work! Now you are freeing up the space and time of your team to maximize new opportunities, to fine-tune strategy and brainstorm new ideas.

Do you have problem to analyze and to use all of the collected analytical data?

Google Analytics is extremely powerful, but for many companies it is a true nightmare. For our reports, you do not need a doctorate to understand them. You get meaningful and useful data to make the right decisions needed for your company’s faster growth.

Inbound Marketing increases the quality of your brand presence and increases sales

Ideal Client Profile Development (Buyer Persona)

Identifying your target audience is not an easy job. The way they are thinking and acting is constantly changing. Our Inbound Marketing service starts by determining the profile of your Ideal Client(s), and continues with a detailed communication strategy.


Lead Generation - Creating Potential Customers

The core of each Inbound Marketing campaign is to convert visitors into warm leads. Our task is to help you design unique and outstanding offers for them. We implement them by creating sales funnel assest such as: CTAs (call-to-action banners), landing pages, tracking emails, and automated workflows to lead them through the funnel.

Content Creation

Our specialists write high quality, useful and interesting content in the form of articles, premium content (offers, e-books, guides, whitepapers, etc.), social media content, video scripts, etc. This is a critical component of Inbound, because all conversions happen as a result of a good understanding of your audience and creating strictly targeted messages that meet their specific needs.



Website is a virtual house of your business and the center of your inbound marketing. Make that house pleasant and comfortable for your guests and they’ll come and visit you often.

Online buyers love well-organized web pages where they can easily find everything they need. Accodring to inbound marketing methodology, without gaining their thrust, you won’t sell them anything.

So, your website needs to be:

  • eye-catching
  • intuitive
  • functional
  • useful
  • up-to-date
  • SEO friendy.

Social Reach

You want to be present where your target audience goes to relax, entertain, recharge, or search for useful information. Our role is to get you in front of eyes of your target audience through engaging social media campaigns, maintained at places where your audience is accustomed to seek information.

Social Media

Email Campaigns

We create email campaigns and set up automated processes with content designed to lead your Buyer Persona(s) through pre-determined Buyer’s Journey. On this path, you gradually lose those who would only waste your precious time, so the focus remains on leads who are your best fit.


By optimizing your content for your Buyer Personas and what they hope to gain from your company, our inbound marketing services enables us to create a targeted keyword and SEO-focused experience. It’s all about authority and quality of content. We’ll help you get there.

Data Analytics

Data Analysis

Our analytical reports are tailored to your needs. In addition to showing you how much you have visitors on the site, who are they, and how much they stay on it, our analytics show which content has led to sales, what are the conversion rates of the call to action, and more. In this way, you get a clear insight into how much is your return on total marketing investment (ROI), and you will know exactly what gives results, and what doesn’t.

How much does it cost?

Usually between 2,000 and 5,000 EUR per month

Our Inbound marketing packages start from 2,000 EUR per month, and are fully customizable to your specific needs.

The price of Inbound Marketing depends on your specific goals and how much time and knowledge we need to achieve these goals. Every euro you choose to spend to GR8SOME Inbound Marketing is an investment. You won’t have to rent out ad space, pay multiple agencies, and freelancers to cover total digital marketing with uncertain and hardly measurable results. We will build you a unique, organized marketing and sales system that through time brings more and more results.

The return will be significantly higher than the investment

Be unique, be the first in your niche market. Unlike other agencies that in 99% of cases deal only with the phase of attracting visitors to your website, we lead them through the entire sales process and further … Engaging us, you get a reliable marketing partner, because we care about your growth.

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